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Hello, and welcome to, my little corner of the internet that serves as an archive for my creative work! I am Mei-mei, and I have been 'doodling' around in graphic arts since 1999. I am, more or less, self-taught, but I must give credit to my friend, Allyphile, who first introduced me to digital artwork and showed me the basics of Photoshop. Back then it was Photoshop 5, and now here we are some twenty some-odd years later with this whole 'cloud' thing! My first works were... abysmal! But I thought they were the coolest thing since I learned to color in the lines!

Eventually, I took my hobby for collaging and manipulating graphics and creating websites and made it my major in college and earned my degree in Interactive Media. While I chose not to be a professional in the field, I continue today as a Photoshop hobbyist.


FFXIV Commission Work: OPEN

I am opening up for commission work for the video game FInal Fantasy XIV. If you are interested, please see my Commissions page for details on how to commission me and what to expect. Thank you!

Site Updates

4 November 2022

Been a long time since I've done an update, but I have also not done much art in quite some time. Here's the latest from FFXIV!!

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9 September 2022

Artwork! - totally "Sin City" insprired here!
I watched "Sin City" for the first time in ages, about a month or so ago! (I forgot I had an update to post!!) and so this happened... thanks FF14 friends!

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Also a (rare LOL) non-gaming art of Goran Višnjić as Tesla in a Doctor Who episode. This was done as part of the BDay project for Goran arranged by Goran Višnjić Archives!
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8 July 2022

FFXIV Commissions!
Been calm on the art front, but here are my latest commissions for FFXIV!!

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Recent Artwork

Scorpion Kahoku - Final Fantasy XIV
1 November 2022
Scorpion Kahoku
(Final Fantasy XIV)

Upcoming Projects

Graphic: up in the air *wink*
Writing: uhh... TBD. =)
Video: Han Solo "Dream" video
Web Design: you're lookin' at it!

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